Union for Health 2021-2027 – EC consultation

10 stycznia 2024

The Green REV Institute on 6 January sent its position paper as part of the European Commission’s 'Have your Say’ Public Consultation on the Union’s programme of action on health for 2021-2027. The public consultation ran until 9 January 2024.

As part of its position paper, the Green REV Institute emphasises that the health and quality of life of citizens are directly linked to the right to live in a clean environment and the right to access healthy, sustainable food and the protection of consumer rights.

In the Drivers for Food Security report, the European Commission itself points out that as many as 58 million Europeans become ill because of food. „In the EU region, an estimated 59% of adults and about a third of children aged 5-9 years are overweight or obese and 23% are obese (OECD, 2019) and, perhaps counterintuitively, these also coexist with micronutrient deficiencies.”

Link to the statement

Photo: Unsplash