VAT – fiscal policy for healthy food

17 kwietnia 2024

Together with the Our Ombudsperson Initiative, we are writing to Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Minister of Health Izabela Leszczyna and Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk regarding the end of VAT reductions on basic food products.

„The decision on the goods and services tax should be made by decision-makers, politicians and politicians after a fair and transparent analysis and discussion. While doing so, it is necessary to take into account the right to healthy, sustainably produced food, the protection of health and the right to live in a clean environment, as well as efforts to meet climate goals, particularly greenhouse gas emissions. VAT is a tool of the state, which should be used not only to shape the state budget, but in particular for policies to support and protect public health, address social exclusion and promote food solidarity, and in the context of climate challenges, to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. The end of the period of VAT reduction on basic food products should not proceed without an analysis of the opportunities and benefits of maintaining a zero VAT rate for vegetables, fruits, grain products, foods that significantly affect people’s health and quality of life. Food solidarity should be combined with climate solidarity and a deeper analysis of VAT as one of the instruments to achieve climate policy goals. Undoubtedly, VAT cannot be the only element of transformation, but it cannot be left out of the plan to create a sustainable food system.”


Credit: unsplash