Vegan canteens at Education Committee in Poznań

14 czerwca 2023

Tomorrow, June 15, councilors will once again discuss the availability of vegan meals for students and the quality of mass catering in schools, as part of a meeting of the Education Committee of the Poznań City Hall.

As the Future Food 4 Climate coalition, together with our partner Varia Posnania Foundation, we will once again convince decision-makers that climate education and health begin on the plates of school cafeterias and local governments must take decisive action to provide healthy, sustainable plant-based food in educational institutions. The last meeting had a relatively tumultuous course, with some councilors asking populist questions about eating insects instead of „traditional” lunches, but we are counting on the support of councilors Dorota Bonk – Hammermeister, Marta Mazurek, Halina Owsianna, who support actions for the repair of the food system.

Photo: Varia Posnania