White Paper „Stench, blood and Tears” – 23.12

29 grudnia 2022

An upcoming online meeting will be held tomorrow, December 30, at 8:00 pm, to discuss the book by MEP dr. Sylwia Spurek.

„Quoting from „The white paper „Stink, Blood and Tears. Turn on the thinking, be the change” is an expert publication created within the framework of Dr. Sylwia Spurek’s „Free from Ferm” parliamentary program. The White Paper on the Victims of the Animal Agriculture Sector details the most important facts about the harmfulness of the animal production sector and comprehensively points out legislative changes that should be implemented to create an ethical, sustainable agricultural model and food system.”

Link to the meeting and discussion!

Organizer: Anonymous for the Voiceless Poland

Photo: Andrew Skowron/ We Animals Media