Who is represented by Copa Cogeca?

7 lipca 2023

„Copa Cogeca, an agricultural lobby that the Polish government supports with millions. Who is behind it?Poland pays 4 million zlotys a year in membership fees to Copa Cogeca member agricultural organizations. Not only does the powerful agro-lobbyist not care about the interests of the majority of Polish farmers, but it also slows down EU environmental policy.” Editor Szymon Opryszek shows the behind-the-scenes of Copa Cogeca’s most powerful agro-industry lobbyist in a joint investigation by Lighthouse Reports, with contributions from, Danwatch, El Confidencial, Libertatea, NRC and Politico Europe.

„Anna Spurek of the Green REV Institute points out another aspect: – As a state, we subsidize the participation and work of the lobbying organization, and Copa Cogeca has been building the debate against the transformation of the food system and the EU’s 'Farm to Table Strategy’ for years.”

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Credit: unsplash