Who produces our food? Forced labor in animal agriculture

12 października 2022

The media coordinator at Green REV Institute, Ewelina Łobodziec, took part in an interview with Sebastian Pypłacz from the Śląska Opinia portal. The discussion concerned the consultation of the European Commission on products related to forced labor.

As Ewelina Łobodziec says: “Recently, the European Parliament adopted a regulation on the placing on the market of products whose production contributes to deforestation, that is simply those for which industry cuts forests, forests, destroys biodiversity and indigenous peoples. Of course, the list includes meat from animals and animal feed, the so-called farmed, especially soybeans. Time for such regulations in the context of forced labor. „

We must start speaking out loud about the victims of the animal industry – meat, dairy, egg – people who work in the sector, people who live near farms, people who are condemned to unhealthy, and today subsidized and supported by states and the European Union animal food .

You can read more about it in the latest publication of the Member of the European Parliament, Doctor Sylwia Spurek, the so-called The White Book, meaning „The stench, blood and tears. Turn on thinking, be change ”, a publication dedicated to all victims of the farming sector – meat, dairy, egg – human and non-human.