Wishes from the Expert Council – Prof. Marcin Urbaniak

19 grudnia 2022

What year 2023 we want!

Prof. Marcin Urbaniak: „I wish for animals and for us that in 2023 we will succeed in taking the first steps towards the elimination of various forms of cruelty. My dream is the systemic implementation of the following „5 for animals”: a ban on the use of cages against hens, pigs and cows; the full abolition of fur farms; a ban on the use of animals in circuses and birds in so-called parrot houses; a ban on horse-drawn carriages in cities and on hiking trails, and the introduction of a moratorium on the killing of game birds. These first five small steps from the perspective of animals would be at the same time a milestone from the perspective of social morality and legal protection of animals.”

Professor Marcin Urbaniak is an expert of the REV Council, an ethicist, cognitive scientist, zoopsychologist, social activist. Assistant Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Pedagogical University in Cracow. Works on environmental and climate ethics and animal rights. Secretary at the Polish Ethical Society. Since 2019 one of the „Ambassadors of Fair Trade”. Member of the Ethical Committee for Experiments on Animals in Krakow.

Photo: Marcin Urbaniak