Wrocław – local food policy

5 maja 2023

On 20 April 2023, Bartłomiej Gawrecki, member of the Board and leader of the legal team of the Green REV Institute Foundation, took part in the first of a series of three participatory meetings organised by the City Hall of Wrocław. The meetings concern work on the City of Wrocław’s food system, namely the Food Policy. The meetings are being held as part of the Local Green Deals project, and their aim is to solicit opinions on key themes relating to the food system, initiate discussion on the subject and exchange views and opinions. Participants in the events include representatives of the Wrocław University of Life Sciences, the Institute for Territorial Development, traders, restaurateurs and NGOs. 

Bartłomiej Gawrecki, Board Member of the Green REV Institute: „As a representative of the Green REV Institute, the first plant-based think-tank in Poland, I am delighted that Wrocław is the next Polish city to take action to implement a sustainable food system and has started work on its Urban Food Policy. I value the idea of involving experts and the business and NGO communities in the work very highly and I am pleased that we have the opportunity to participate in the work. I hope to see the results in the near future.”

Further meetings will be organised in May and June. The whole process will conclude with the presentation of the results of the work of all the above-mentioned groups and individuals and the signing of a joint declaration of concern for Wrocław’s food system.

Photo: Unsplash