YES to the Green Deal. Petition to Prime Minister Tusk

21 marca 2024

Ahead of the (EU) Council meeting and further political decisions, it is time for action. Reports of Poland’s political decision to block the EP and Council Regulation on Nature Restoration Law, of further efforts to weaken provisions and regulations for the environment in the Common Agricultural Policy are very worrying and dangerous for the future of all of us. Therefore, the Green REV Institute calls on Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk to defend the Green Deal.

We call on Prime Minister Donald Tusk to:

  1. Strongly support the European Green Deal and long-term policies to support the climate transition. For the sake of quality of life and human health, food security, against energy and food poverty, for the sake of our common good of biodiversity, wildlife, clean air, water resources, healthy soil, clean rivers, seas and oceans.
  2. Support the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on the restoration of natural resources (Nature Restoration Law).
  3. Oppose the weakening of the pro-environmental provisions of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Climate change is one of the most important challenges that will have consequences for all economic sectors, societies, biodiversity and wildlife. The European Union, by adopting the European Green Deal, has made a globally important and necessary commitment for all of us. The European Green Deal is a guarantee of action by countries, governments, institutions, economic actors, the agricultural sector and all of us for the future, for building resilience and for the transformation of the system that is crucial to our security. We are convinced and convinced that a just climate transition must include all groups: residents, farmers, young people, people at risk of social exclusion, people living in rural areas. Climate transformation must not leave any social group, any person, behind. It is time for climate and socially responsible governance, it is time for empathetic leadership, leadership of dialogue and concern for the planet, it is time for green dialogue and strong support for the European Green Deal.


Credit: European Parliament