Yes to the Green Deal – we call on Prime Minister Tusk to act

3 kwietnia 2024

The media has written more about the EU Green Deal in recent months than in the past few years.

Almost all political groups have neglected climate issues, nature issues and the connecting aspects of our health and quality of life. The anti-climate demands benefit the far-right groups, so the lack of support for the Green Deal, is a great opportunity for them to strengthen their position.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk is blocking the adoption of the most important regulation on the restoration of natural resources (Nature Restoration Law). If the Polish government delays action on the implementation of the Green Deal, we are at risk of loss of resources, extinction of many animal species, water pollution and the problem of access to water, droughts and therefore the problem of access to food, the increasing problem of energy poverty, pandemics and diseases resulting from, among other things, air quality.

That’s why, together with FF4C and Democracy Action, the Green REV Institute is calling on Prime Minister Tusk to act.

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Credit: unsplash