Youth Climate Lab – nothing about us without us

30 stycznia 2024

On 25 March 2024, the 4th stationary event organised by the Green REV Institute in collaboration with the UK Embassy of Great Britain and Northern Ireland took place as part of the Nothing About Us Without Us project. Youth Climate Lab took the form of a workshop:

  1. watchdog activities – Martyna Krystman- Rydlewicz, PhD student, trainee solicitor, specialising in private law and environmental protection;
  2. advocacy activities – Dominik Kuc, activist, council member of the GrowSpace Foundation;
  3. social campaigns – Dr. Marzena Cypryańska – Nezlek, researcher and lecturer at SWPS University, Centre for Climate Action and Social Transformation.

As part of the Youth Climate Lab, individuals also had the opportunity to present the results of their work in a wrap-up session.

Photo: Jakub Wosik