#EUforAnimals Campaign

10 listopada 2022

The #EUforAnimals campaign, launched in 2021, is still ongoing. More than 50 NGOs from Europe are calling for the inclusion of „animal welfare” in the job title of the EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner. More than 100 Members of the European Parliament are supporting the effort and the campaign. The lack of consideration of animal welfare for […]

AgriWatch – monitoring of EU funds 2021-27

9 listopada 2022

Today we meet with OFOP team to discuss the new financial perspective of the European Union 2021-2027 (Common Agricultural Policy 2023-27). We will be conducting watchdog activities, so as to check whether the funds under the new EU perspective support the ambitions of the European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork strategy, or support those who pollute – the animal industry, industrial farms. The […]

COP27 – time for climate on the plate

7 listopada 2022

The COP27 debates begin today.As a coalition, we have been involved in advocacy work for the food system transformation debate as part of the climate debate. National, EU authorities must note the impact of the livestock sector on climate, biodiversity, environmental protection. We look forward to the conclusions and recommendations and, ultimately, the actions of those in power for a sustainable food system and a green, […]

COP27 must bet on science not industry

6 listopada 2022

Before the upcoming Climate Summit, we remind you of NGOs’ advocacy efforts through Climate Week NYC. „For 14 years, Climate Week NYC has gained attention as a global event to address the climate crisis. But the continued inclusion of industry-sponsored events promoting beef as a climate solution calls into question whether Climate Week represents an ambitious path forward or just an opportunity […]

Call to action PBT – C40

5 listopada 2022

We supported Plant Based Treaty’s call to action to local authorities, members of C40! At the C40 Summit, together with the Animal Save Movement and more than 100 organizations, we appealed to local governments to:a) Implement best practices on plant-based food solutions to the climate emergency;b) Sign and take concrete steps to implement the Good Food Cities Declaration, which includes a commitment to support “increased consumption […]

EC message ahead of COP27 without #FoodSystem

5 listopada 2022

„The Commission will call on all parties to take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with commitments made under the Paris Agreement and the Glasgow climate pact adopted last year at COP26. „ The European Commission has published a press release ahead of the COP27 Climate Summit, which is about to begin.Unfortunately, along with energy, financing and linking […]

Food Safety Forum FF4C

3 listopada 2022

We are meeting for the first time at an offline event in Warsaw, November 19. this year. Today, the Future Food 4 Climate coalition is 65 civil society organizations working for food and climate system transformation. We advocate, we say „check” and mobilize for green participation. On November 19, it is organizing the 1st Safe Food Forum with experts and a Green […]

European Vegan Summit – a message for the climate!

3 listopada 2022

We remind you of the message of decision-makers, academics, NGOs and politicians for the climate, delivered at the European Vegan Summit. Dr. Peter Carter (IPCC), Dr. Sylwia Spurek (MEP, Greens/EFA), Anita Krajnc (Animal Save Movement), Jo Swabe (Humane Society International), Mai Kivela (MP, Finland), Ziggy Klazes (Haarlem, Councillor who led the adoption of the meat advertising ban), […]

REV and Plant Based Treaty – call to MEPs

2 listopada 2022

After the EP’s COP27 resolution we remind Members of the European Parliament of the role of food system transformation for the climate. The European Parliament has adopted a resolution ahead of the COP27 Climate Summit in Egypt. Unfortunately, the role of agricultural recovery and the food system were treated marginally in it. That is why we are writing to MEPs about […]

COP27 – will world leaders see catastrophe on the plate?

2 listopada 2022

The next COP27 Climate Summit is approaching. The Polish representation, led by Polish President Andrzej Duda, will include Silesian Marshal Jakub Chełstowski and Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. Warsaw is the first city in Poland to draft a food policy. We hope that the debate on the transformation of the food system will become part of the climate debate. Unfortunately, at COP26, the […]