REV at EU Platform on Animal Welfare

3 grudnia 2022

The next meeting of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare begins on December 5. As part of the meeting, the European Commission is expected to address the issues of: Only 10 NGOs from across the Union actively participate in the meetings and work of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare. Representation from the agricultural industry is disproportionately greater. As part of the work, we are […]

Public consultation on National Plan for CAP

2 grudnia 2022

We have submitted our position on the Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy (2023-27) as part of the ongoing consultations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Our main comments: 1.There are no instruments envisioned for interventions related to the environment, climate and other governance commitments that would lead to a reduction in animal production as high-carbon and environmentally and climate damaging;2.There […]

A plant-based menu in Toruń’s schools?

1 grudnia 2022

Toruń City Councillors Margareta Skerska-Roman and Bartosz Szymanski (Platforma.Nowoczesna Koalicja Obywatelska councillors’ club) have submitted an interpellation to the Mayor on the availability of vegan meals in the city’s educational institutions. They also ask about the City’s plans to adapt its local strategy to the challenges of food system transformation and urban food policy. Decision-makers active in local government have been […]

Agenda for sustainable development 2030

30 listopada 2022

The European Commission is conducting a public consultation as part of its review of the Agenda for Sustainable Development. Until December 1, 2022 (24:00 Warsaw), positions can be sent as part of the first-ever voluntary review of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The EU-level review will provide summary of the EU’s internal and external implementation […]

EC consultation on forced labor

29 listopada 2022

You can participate in the European Commission’s consultation on forced labor regulation until tomorrow, November 30 at 24:00 (Brussels Time). Read our position paper and make your voice heard! We want to cite just a few figures, showing how large the scale of the forced labor problem is in the animal production sector. KnowTheChain published a report on how the world’s largest food and […]

EU legislative package for water?

28 listopada 2022

On October 26, 2022, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a directive amending the Water Framework Directive, the Groundwater Directive and the Environmental Quality Standards Directive.The overarching goal of the changes is to protect human health and the environment from toxic pollution in the water area. There is little reference to agriculture and pollution from agriculture in the proposed directive itself. […]

EC public consultation – CAP

27 listopada 2022

We have submitted a position paper on the #HaveYourSay initiative: Common Agricultural Policy – revisions to the Strategic Plan. In the position, we call the Commission to monitor, check and control the implementation of the Strategic Plan, paying particular attention to the issue of operation of animal farms, the foundation of new ones, indirect and direct support of animal production & factory farming […]

Morgan Janowicz on COP27

26 listopada 2022

„My call for the Climate Summits is very clear – let’s turn them into Science and Activists Conferences of Presidents. Let’s listen to the needs of people living in different parts of the world, let’s create a map pf damages that shows who is polluting, what are the possibilities to repair the damage and prevent further damage. A comprehensive climate audit […]

Public procurement in Warsaw

25 listopada 2022

We have received a response from the Mayor of the City of Warsaw regarding green public procurement – city catering. The tender for catering lacked concern for the climate, the environment, animal rights and a sustainable food system. Together with the Fridays for Future Warsaw, we sent an urgent position to City Hall on this issue. However, the City of Warsaw, […]

Morgan Janowicz – Nothing about us without us

24 listopada 2022

Morgan Janowicz, Partnership Coordinator and board member of the Green REV Institute at the I Food Safety Forum said: „I would not want my generation to be relegated solely to a position of street activism. And here I don’t want to be misunderstood – of course, protests, demonstrations are very important in democracy, but I and many of my colleagues want to realistically participate in decision-making. We are graduating, gaining experience in NGOs, […]