The PMSG hormone, or suffering hormone

29 listopada 2023

The Green REV Institute, together with other civil society organisations from around the world, has been working for years to ban the production of the hormone PMSG. This hormone is extracted from the blood of pregnant mares and used as an aid to animal agriculture industry. PMSG is nothing more than a hormone to increase meat production and the mares […]

Open Climate Day

28 listopada 2023

The second full-day event co-organised with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Warsaw as part of the Green Advocacy Academy project – Nothing about us without us – will take place on 12 December. Open Climate Day provides for two roundtables on the topics of the right to live in a clean environment and the right […]

Forum on Food Safety ’23

27 listopada 2023

The 2nd Safe Food Forum of the Future Food 4 Climate coalition took place on 18 November. The event, consisting of a plenary session, an expert panel, took place at the Royal Embassy of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Warsaw. The Forum was attended by around 80 people, representatives of the Future Food 4 Climate coalition, but also academics, […]

EVS Talks – episode 11 is now available!

24 listopada 2023

Thursday (23 November) saw the premiere of the 11th episode of EVS Talks, which are 1:1 conversations with expert, activist, decision-makers. In this new episode of European Vegan Summit Talks, Lena Anna Kuklinska interviews Nicola Harris, Director of Communications at Animal Save Movement and Plant Based Treaty. Why do we need a Plant Based Treaty? What have been the successes […]

2nd Forum on Food Safety

23 listopada 2023

The Future Food 4 Climate Coalition’s 2nd Forum on Food Safety took place on 18 November. The full-day event took place offline at the Royal British and Northern Irish Embassy. The theme was fixing the food system. The Forum included a plenary session and an expert panel. The expert panellists who took part as Keynote Speakers were Dr Miłka Stępień, Dr Paulina […]

Meeting with an expert within the GAA

22 listopada 2023

On 21 November (Tuesday), another meeting was held as part of the Green Advocacy Academy, an edition carried out with the support of the global Plant Based Treaty campaign. As part of the meeting, participants aged 14-26 were able to talk to expert Max Weiss about the impact of animal farming on climate and biodiversity. Max also talked about planetary boundaries and the […]

Germany – €38 million for the future of food

21 listopada 2023

Following negotiations, the German budget for the agricultural sector will include €38 million in its 2024 plan, which will be used to promote alternative protein sources and the transition to plant-based agriculture. The strategy highlights the need to fund the promotion of proteins that will be used for human consumption and not as animal feed. At the same time, €8 million in 2024 will […]

Forum 2023 – Wioletta Olejaraczyk

17 listopada 2023

Join us online on 18 November for the Future Food 4 Climate coalition’s 2nd Safe Food Forum! At 13:00 we start the expert panel – Agriculture of the Future Wioletta Olejarczyk is a farmer, herbalist and educator. She works on climate and environment friendly agriculture, connecting consumer people and farmers and women farmers in local and direct sales and co-creating a healthy […]

Forum 2023 – Iga Czubak

16 listopada 2023

Agriculture of the Future 18 November, 1 p.m.! Iga Czubak is an MSc in Neurocognitive Science fascinated by the food industry.She is the founder of Apollo/Plant Qurczak®.She promotes a scientific approach to things as basic as food. She is excited by products that achieve a higher purpose than simply satisfying the hunger of the male and female consumer. Join us online! Photo: Green […]

Forum 2023 – Expert Panel

15 listopada 2023

On 18 November at 13:00 we see you at the expert panel – Agriculture of the Future. Photo: Green REV Institute